> My approach to writing off the shelf UE4 plugins

Many packs on the UE4 marketplace offer simple to use drop-in functionality, but often in ways that aren't practical when it comes to integrating multiple packs into an existing project, or that restrict customization further down the line.

My aim is to write plugins that can be used with minimal need to modify your existing code or blueprints to accommodate them, with a focus on flexibility and extension. Designing with extension in mind means you can add or change functionality without needing to modify the plugin itself, meaning less headaches when it comes to incorporating updates.

Although my plugins will be implemented almost entirely in C++, I'm well aware that many people use only blueprints, so everything that can possibly be exposed to blueprints will be. If any plugin or functionality requires C++ on the part of the user, I'll make that clear.

A huge part of the benefit of using UE4 is the power of the editor and its tools. As such, I also try to exploit the extensibility of the editor wherever possible for a smoother workflow.